League Breeze is the easiest way to manage schedules, field availability and officials for your sports league.

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event_available All-In-One Scheduling

Generate your schedule with one click and see potentially hidden conflicts when you need to update a game, scrimmage or practice.

location_on Up To The Second Field Status

Real time updates and notifications of field closures help keep everyone in the loop when bad weather hits.

assignment_ind Schedule Officials For Games

No need to worry about not having officials show up for a game. Now you can assign officials to each game or scrimmage.

Mobile Apps
How Does It Help Me?
person Coaches

Coaches can use the website or mobile application to enter the score of games, fill out game reports and enter important statistics like pitch counts. You get reminders for upcoming events and missing data.

directions_run Officials

Officials (umpires, referees) can self sign up for available games at levels of competition they are approved to officiate. They get automated reminders and notifications of schedule changes.

supervisor_account League Administrators

Your field chiefs, safety officers, scheduler setters all have the tools they need to make sure your season is operating smoothly. From league setup to monitoring the season it doesn't get any easier than League Breeze!

face Perfect For Little League

Keep pitch counts and stay compliant with Pitch Smart (TM) guidelines. Each game indicates which pitchers are not eligible to pitch that day.

rowing Any Team Sport

If you have teams, fields, officials and competitions, League Breeze can help you set up and manage your league with ease.

laptop_mac Public Web Pages

Each season you get public web pages with your schedule, field availability, league standings (and statistics for some sports).

Pay once per season $399 $99 Limited Time Offer*
Every administrator, coach and official in your league gets access (up to 250 people) - NO extra cost
Mobile app (iPhone and Android) access included - NO extra cost
Each season can be up to six months long. That's as little as 7¢ per person each month.
textsms Reach Everyone

Your league administrators can all stay in touch and reach the right people at the right time with our mobile apps or our website.

list League Standings

League standings are automatically calculated, are always up to date and are available for everyone to see.

notifications_active Automated Reminders

Forget to enter the score of last night's game? Game moved? No need to worry because League Breeze will remind you.

autorenew Your League, Your Data

You own your data. You can take it with you. Import and export teams, rosters, fields, officials and even your schedule.